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Yahrtzeit   Plaque

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Yahrtzeit Plaque

Honor your Loved Ones' Memories

Jewish tradition eternalizes our beloved departed by honoring the blessed memory of family members who passed on (parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, children). The Yahrtzeit Plaque is a permanent memorial to your loved ones.

It is a common practice when ordering plaques to reserve adjacent spaces at the same time by making an additional $198 contribution for each space reserved. May your loved ones be together forever.

A Little Yahrtzeit History

Yahrtzeit is Yiddish for "anniversary." This word specifically refers to the day a person passes. On the day of the yahrtzeit, we honor the departed's memory. Observing yahrtzeit, especially for parents, can bring great benefit and merit to the departed's soul.

At Yahrtzeit time, we reflect and ruminate. Ideally, we think about the best values the departed exemplified, consider the ways in which s/he shaped your life, and renewed your commitment to live more spiritually, morally and with more giving.

If you have been considering adding a little more Judaism to your life, yahrtzeit is an appropriate time to fulfill your commitment. Personal growth you undertake in connection to the passing of a loved one, makes an eternal difference for that person's soul.

$198 donation

Name of Deceased and Relation to You
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