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Florence's Ethical Will


$23 - Sent Media Mail

From jumping double-dutch as a poor young child on the streets of New York, to hosting Million Dollar Balls for High Society; from holding peace rallies in the 1940s, to admonishing diplomats in the Soviet Union in the 1980s, and creating JAM in 2001, Dr. Florence Ross was an activist, a peacenik, a radical, an adventurer, a risk-taker, a hell-raiser, a mentor, "Grandmother of the World," and our dear friend. Now you can watch Florence tell her story first-hand in this DVD entitled "Florence's Ethical Will," an 80-minute treasure of the best of Florence, her life-stories, her loves, her wisdom, her timeless advice for living a life of meaning, glory and joy.

"I say to you, dear ones, continue to embark on all kinds of positive endeavors. Take care of each other, love each other without reservation. Seek ways to benefit your fellow humans."
- Dr. Florence Ross

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