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Count   the   Omer

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Counting of the Omer

by Amichai Heppner

This handbook explores a spiritual journey into "Omer time," the special time period between Pesach and Shavu'ot, "The Feast of Weeks." This practice responds to a universal spiritual yearning in a typically Jewish way. For that reason, an understanding of Jewish culture and practice helps the practitioner to go more than skin-deep into the process. This guidebook is intended to explain enough of Jewish lore that not only Jews, but also caring others, can cultivate the secret garden of the Omer counting that has brought insight and peace to many over the centuries.

Starting second day of Pesach, we enter seven weeks of deep personal discovery of ourselves and the Divine. We begin Counting of the Omer. Each day is a significant day. Each week is a significant week that relates to a Kabbalistic Sefirah.

For each day's significance, there is a blessing and daily practice. Amichai Heppner's book explains as well as gives the daily blessings. He generously offered 100% of the proceeds to TAO. Click here to buy the book (it's an eBook... this means, you'll get a pdf file sent to your email box, and you can print it out... or be green, and read it online). This book follows the Kabbalistic teachings of the Counting of the Omer.

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