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Attendees Rave

Women of Distinction

Bob Heaton

Women of Distinction was an outstanding event. I want to specifically compliment Helen for her tireless efforts as Chairperson of the Telephone Committee. To tell the truth, I enjoyed talking to my friends as I made the calls, and the ones that weren't friends are more so after speaking.

Carol Himmel

I think everyone involved in this event (Women of Distinction) should be commended. It was a very classy, well thought out affair. The turnout was really good, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Having the entertainment from Laffing Matters was a nice touch.

The nicest thing was learning more about the four women being honored and the warm feelings in the room. TAO is the best!

Love to all, Carol Himmel

Carole Constad

I felt extremely privileged to share the superb (Women of Distinction) function with my TAO family. To me, it was "The Perfect Celebration." I can honestly say, if I ever had any doubt whatever about belonging to TAO (which I have not!), yesterday confirmed every reason I come to America every year.

Every single thing about the party, and all that it entailed, from all of the wonderful recipients and their sincerity, through all of the speeches, the video, the food, the flowers, the entertainment, and most of all, the room full of people I love, was perfectly and beautifully organized. It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be the "Transatlantic member."

Congratulations to every single person who was instrumental in making this a fabulous day.

With Love, Carole Constad

Rabbi Phil's Tribute

Shirley Shelpman

What a wonderful evening we shared at last night's the Tribute for Rabbi Phil. The place, the people, the entertainment were all first class.

September 1986, I moved to South Florida. A new friend invited me to a Friday night gathering at Rabbis Phil and Shoni's home. At that time, Friday nights were about music, dancing and meeting new people. Aventura and the surrounding areas was surely the place to do that. Why then go to a Rabbis house on a hot Friday night?

Since I trusted my friend, and she promised me an evening I would never forget, I went! She was so right. The Rabbis are welcoming and warm. But it was Phil's music, prayers and teachings that entered my heart... a heart empty of Jewish music and prayers, a soul longing to be led back to my Jewish roots.

These are some of the thoughts I had last night at the Tribute, sitting in a room filled with friends, being a part of a community enriched with love and support, embraced by love and friendship of my Rabbis: the magnificent Rabbi Shoni - who opened the Gates of Life to me to be all that I can be, Rabbi Phil - who gave me new melodies to sing and la la to as I dance through life, and Rabbi Marc - whose tenderness, compassion and insightful teachings inspire my every moment.

Yes, that Friday night back in 1986 lead me to Rabbi Phil's Tribute in 2007. I look forward to the next moment shared in love and community with you.

With love and gratitude, Shirley

Dee Sacks

Rabbi Phil's Tribute was a wonderful, wonderful evening. Everyone left with a great feeling and completely satisfied. I was still calling people on the waiting list driving to the affair. The journal, the tribute, the meal, the show ? the BEST! I don?t ever remember laughing as much. Thanks for all the effort and work you put into it. We should all be very pleased.

Ethelind Wiener

I want you to know how very, very successful the Tribute was.

The setup was great... the crowd was enthusiastic and very busy mixing and mingling and just catching up.

The food & service was excellent, and the show was terrific.

Most important was the program and Rabbi Marc's tribute to his father. It was FANTASTIC... smooth... funny... and heartfelt. With great feelings of his love for his father, Rabbi Phillip, Rabbi Marc expressed the love of everyone in the room.

Joan Rosenwasser

A warm and bountiful "thank you" to everyone who made this spectacular evening happen! All aspects, from the tribute to the show, food and energy of the attendees and the family, were in marvelous sync with each other. This truly was a first rate evening. The Tribute Book was so very, very special... just a fantastic job all around. Warmly, Joan

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People of Distinction - 2013 > Registration is closed!

Labowitz Tribute 2012People of Distinction - 2011Women of Distinction - 2010Planet Florence - 2009
23rd Anniversary Tribute - 2009Rabbi Marc's 40th - 2008Rabbi Phil's 70th - 2007
Give Peace a Chance - 2006Attendees Rave

People of Distinction - 2013

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Anonymous Sponsorships
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Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013

Join us in honoring
2013 People of Distinction
at a Luncheon, Boutique & Tribute

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Call: 954-888-1408

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11:00 - 12:30 p.m.
Registration, Boutique & Cash Bar
12:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Luncheon & Entertainment(The Chai Notes)

Weston Cypress Creek Hotel
400 Corporate Drive
Fort Lauderdale 33334

Tickets, Tributes & Sponsorships
Admission Includes Voice Card Message to Honorees
RSVP, Listings, Voice Card Messages and Ad Copy due by 1/25

$   59 - 1 Admission & Voice Card to each Honoree (included in all packages)
$   147 - 1/12 page Tribute ad, 1 Admission
$   177 - 1/6 page Tribute ad, 1 Admission
$   297 - 1/3 page Tribute ad, 1 Admission
$   497 - 1/2 page Tribute ad, 2 Admissions
$   797 - Full page Tribute ad, 4 Admissions

Don't have an ad? Don't worry!
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Premium Position Sponsorships
$ 1,800 - Back Cover, 4 Admissions
$ 1,200 - Inside Front Cover, 4 Admissions
$ 1,200 - Facing Back Cover, 4 Admissions

$ 18 - One Voice Message (for Non-Attendees
$ 36 - Tribute Listing (One line)
$ 72 - Three Voice Card Messages plus One Tribute Listing

Sponsorships (Recognition at Event for Corporate Sponsors)
$ 180 - Individual Sponsorship, 1 Admission
$ 1,800 - 4 Admissions, Leaf on Tree of Life
$ 3,600 - Table for 8, Leaf on Tree of Life, Oneg at Service, Invitation to Prayer
$ 5,000 - 2 Tables for 8, 2 Tree of Life Leaves, Oneg, Home Tzedakah Box, Personalized and Autographed Invitation to Prayer Book
$ 18,000 - $5,000 level plus Full Page Ad
$ 50,000 - $18,000 level plus Eternal Tzedakah Box Sponsor

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Labowitz Tribute - 2012

Sunday, May 5, 2012
7:45 p.m.

We be Jammin'
Rabbis Phil 'n Shoni

We be 'Laughin 'n Lovin
Hasin 'n Bashin

on their

45th Anniversary
65th and 75th Birthdays
(Gues Who's Whose!"

Laffing Matterz
Broward Center

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People of Distinction 2011

Boutique, Luncheon & Tribute

Featured Speaker:
Rabbi Shoni Labowitz

Sunday, April 10, 2011
11:00 - 2:00
Bonaventure Hyatt
250 Racquet Club Road, Weston, FL 33326
Event BrochureInvitationKeepsake
Event SummaryPictures

For Contributions at Large and to TAO Community, We Honor...

Sandy King
Past President Rotary Club - Current TAO Treasurer - Director of North Miami Senior Citizens Foundation - Senior Olympic High Jump champion
Bio in Keepsake

Dianne Lerner
Founding Educational Director for children with Down’s syndrome - Led (what is now Ann Stork Center) to achieve accreditation - Board member for Maximum Ballet, Global Fund for Women, Shari Sedek Hospital and Mogen David
Bio in Keepsake

Dee Sacks
Taught pre-school and co-advised Beth Zion Temple’s Youth Group - Owned two businesses in Philadelphia, PA - Volunteer Office Manager for TAO
Bio in Keepsake

Lee Sacks
President of local B’nai Brith in Pennsylvania - Equal Opportunity Employment forerunner, hiring first African-American, Asian and Female reps - Conceptualized and initiated TAO’s Memorial and Tree of Life plaques
Bio in Keepsake
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Women of Distinction 2010

Boutique, Luncheon & Tribute

Featured Speaker:
Rabbi Shoni Labowitz

Sunday, January 31, 2010
11:00 - 2:00
Bonaventure Hyatt
250 Racquet Club Road, Weston, FL 33326
Event BrochureInvitationKeepsake
Event SummaryPictures

For Contributions at Large and to TAO Community, We Honor...

Renee J. Greene
Innovative problem-solver. Dedicated to Judaism. Lifelong commitment to a kinder, gentler, cleaner earth. Advocate for those unable to advocate for themselves. Honest, respectful and loving wife, daughter, mother and friend.
Introduction by Dee SacksBio in Keepsake

Lisa Lachs
Woman of character. Compassionate soul. Unwavering friend, mother and wife. Incomparable strength of spirit.
Introduction by Ana CedonaBio in Keepsake

Marcia Sweedler, Ph.D.
Professor, school principal, teacher. Director of conflict resolution and mediation services. Mediator, facilitator, trainer. Mother, grandmother.
Introduction by Myrna WolfBio in Keepsake

Ethelind Wiener
Career in philanthropy. Social activist. Community leader. Dedicated to family, friends and exploring the world.
Introduction by Dr. Lisa J. Sirota WeinerBio in Keepsake

An Event to Remember
by President Anne Goldberg

Sometimes the stars line up perfectly, and a day you spent months planning flows like warm honey. On Sunday, January 31, TAO's Women of Distinction was such a day. It was a success from the moment it began as we honored the achievements and contributions to both TAO and the greater community of four outstanding citizens: Renee Greene, Lisa Lachs, Marcia Sweedler and Ethelind Wiener.

Our honorees glided into the Hyatt Bonaventure's Florida Ballroom on a breeze of love and admiration. The afternoon began with shopping and mingling, followed by a delicious luncheon. Time sailed by as a tightly-run program began with Weston City Commissioner Mercedes Henriksson officially proclaiming January 31 as Women of Distinction day.

We then had the privilege hearing Rabbi Shoni Labowitz (who has not spoken publicly in more than eight years) talk about how each of these women dared to be different, had the courage to break out of convention's boxes that clip the wings of many. Her words certainly woke me up to the boxes around me that I need to open. Thank you Rabbi Shoni for making us think, laugh, explore and expand our inner most being. Thank you for being a part of this day.

With a nod to "Inside the Actor's Studio" (and questions from Bernard Pivot) as well as a few questions of my own, I interviewed each of the honorees about the events that formed who each is today. The interviews were distilled to a 15 minute presentation that wove personal photos into the stories they shared with us. Everyone agreed the video was a hit!

Ladies, we hope you enjoyed your day of honor, the surprise tribute from Laffing Matterz, your City of Weston Proclamation and the beautiful Voice Quilt message boxes containing even more words of love and praise from the people you love and who love to love you.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the well-deserved kudos to our hard-working volunteers. Phyllis Tess and Caren Vivado did a great job at registration; Vicki Orowitz and her dedicated team transformed the lobby area into a fabulous fashion/fund-raising boutique. Thanks to board members Lowell Gannon, for selling raffle tickets and so much more, Sandy King for his follow up calls and generous spirit, and Bob Heaton for his music and enthusiasm. Thanks also to: Jacci King for the great Spa Raffle Basket (won by our very own Dee Sacks!); Ana Cedeno for the fabulous collection of wines and champagnes that rounded out our raffle item; Helen Skinner for coordinating the phone tree; Michael Fish for his photography; Keith Kander for being a great door guard and helping set up the tables; Karen Tina Sheskin for also helping with set up; and the wonderful catering staff of the Hyatt Bonaventure.

There are a few people whose efforts were herculean and deserving of special recognition...

Jenae Rubin - Once again you created a work of art with the Keepsake Journal. The invitation, website and all the marketing associated with this event were simply gorgeous, not to mention the fabulous job you did selling raffle tickets! Your hard work and dedication are appreciated more than we can ever say. Thank you.

Dee Sacks... volunteer extraordinaire - You are a gift to all of us. We are ever grateful for what you do and who you are. Your tireless, dedicated efforts in the office allow us to put on events as ambitious as Women of Distinction. Thank you just doesn't begin to cover it.

And finally, Renee Greene - After all the well deserved accolades you received, I want to add one more: Your grace and determination, remarkable attention to detail, good advice and loving attitude make my job easier and make me look better. Your vision for this day was spot-on. It was a perfect event, in large part, due to you.

Some said this was the best TAO event so far. I'm thrilled our events keep getting better and better. If you missed Women of Distinction 2010, make sure to attend WOD 2011.

A Call's Not Just a Call!
by Telephone Committee Chairperson Helen Skinner
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I want to acknowledge the WOD Telephone committee members for their work and in some cases follow up calls. We used a convincing script as a guide, and the team was able to get very good response including some on-the-spot commitments. Our committee members, to whom I personally wish to extend my appreciation, include Carol Himmel, Rochelle Tischler and Bob Heaton.

The event was a wonderful, joyous experience and appeared to have a very good turn out. Everyone had a great time. As usual, the journal and graphics were a work of art!

With love and blessings, Helen.
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2009 - Planet Florence
Making a Difference in the World

90 Years Young and Still Kickin' It Up a Notch

Dinner, Dance & Tribute
Saturday, November 21, 2009 • 7-11 p.m.
Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek
555 NW 62 Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33309

Photos of Florence & World's Dignitaries (very impressive)  •   Articles about Florence
Keepsake  •   Photos  •   Tickets & Sponsorships  •   Facebook Video  •   YouTube Video
Video Montage  •   Chairperson's Recap  •   Florence's Speech  •   Her Daughter's Perspective


Welcome to our joyful celebration of our dear friend, Dr. Florence Ross.

Where does one begin to describe Florence's essence? Do we discuss her many achievements over the past decades, the people she mentored, the loves of her life and their journeys, or maybe just the energy she generates wherever she goes? Whatever criteria we choose, everyone who knows this incredible woman agrees she is a phenomena personified.

In 1936, at 15, Florence graduated from high school and was voted "Girl Most Likely to Succeed." Little did they know that our Florence surpassed that prediction to become an international figure promoting causes that make our world a better place. To this day, this is her passion in life.

Florence created public awareness in the United States by initiating protests against German atrocities. She socialized with Helena Rubinstein, Salvador Dali, Yitzchak Rabin, Bill Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt and others who worked for positive world changes. At a U.N. peacekeeping mission, she denounced the superpowers as acting like "little boys playing a game of one-upmanship" and told them they should all be fired. The Soviets immediately named her "Grandmother to the World." They loved her so much, she was invited back to the United Nations a few years ago.

Unstoppable, Florence made a giant footprint on our wonderful planet. We love and appreciate who she is... outrageous, loving, spirited, and committed to making a difference in the world.

Florence, don't ever become "well-behaved"!

Happy 90th Birthday, Florence.

From Chairperson: Anne Goldberg

How do you find a word that means Florence? On November 21, 2009 TAO did just that... and more. As a celebration of this remarkable woman's 90th birthday, TAO launched Planet Florence, a tribute to Dr. Ross' lifetime of making a difference in the world. And we found many words to describe her: remarkable, charming, brilliant, activist, humanitarian, teacher, giving, stimulating, maverick... and this list barely scratches the surface.

TAO pulled out all the stops. The atrium at the Sheraton Suites Hotel was transformed into Musee de Florence with five tables depicting her accomplishments by decade. From her "First Twenty Years" with its stories about Florence's earliest experiences of tzedaka, to the present, each display was a testimony to her work in Jewish and humanitarian causes. Ever the activist, ever the leader - at the tip of the arrow and ahead of the pack - we learned how Florence set a shining example of what one person can do to make the world a better place.

The evening's program was both a serious tribute to her life with proclamations from Broward County, the City of Tamarac, and Nova Southeastern University and a special, personal tribute inlcuding by Dr. Lisa Sirota-Weiner. The evening was also a light-hearted, love-filled fete with a clever video montage of Florence "conversing" with the Dalai Lama (Father Michel), Eleanor Roosevelt (Iris Susser), Bill Maher (Lee Sacks), Bill Clinton (Bob Offer) and Golda Meir (Iris Susser). The "TAO-ettes" delighted the audience with an adaptation of "To Life" from Fiddler on the Roof that spoke of how "We all want to be like Florence!"

The Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek provided a beautiful venue with outstanding food and service. And Arnie Steinberg was our DJ Extraordinaire, added his lively and wonderful talent to make the dancing a blast... as usual. Thank you Arnie!

An event like this takes a village and our village turned out in spades to make Planet Florence such a success. Myrna Wolf chaired the Programming Committee, which did an outstanding job of entertaining our audience. Linda Weissman, Carol McConnell, Nola Firestone and Carol Lerner were instrumental in putting this wonderful show together. As for our talented "TAO-ettes" (Carol Himmel, Rochelle Horowitz, Debbie Kugelman, Kathy Leonard, Carol Lerner, Carol McConnell, Paulina Labowitz, Shirley Shelpman, Helen Skinner, Janice Weintraub, Linda Weissman and I) had a blast singing and dancing. Click here (Facebook) or here (YouTube, lower quality) to see a video of the TAO-ettes' performance.

The Decorating Committee, headed by yours truly, did an outstanding job of designing a beautiful and elegant decor. Nancy Mendelson (great Cake!), Rhonda Hey, Karen Rosenberg, Gail Rogers; and Dottie, Robert and Andrea Zveibil worked hard creating beautiful, original displays and floral centerpieces. And I had the privilege of interviewing Florence and creating the time line displays of her remarkable life. Rhonda Hey and Gail Rogers added their talents to the displays and Rhonda, Rochelle Horowitz, Diana Strauss and I collected memorabilia and clothing from Florence for days.

Bob Heaton did an awesome job on the audio. And Jenae, what can we say? Your talent shone brightly with the invitation, advertisements, web pages, video montage and Keepsake Journal. Special kudos to Elyn Zerfas for her Photoshop talent and who, along with Marti Sinnreich, provided the great sunglasses and to Helen Skinner for the important task of leading our phone tree committee.

And a special thank you to Tova Weinstock for her PR work on Planet Florence.

Of course, no TAO event could even happen at all were not for the Dynamic Duo of Renee Greene, our holiest administrator, and Dee Sacks our holiest volunteer. Saying thank you does not seem like enough.

It has been said that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Florence's life has been all about purpose, about making a difference, standing up for those whose voices have been silenced, fighting for freedom and peace, compassion and dignity. Her legacy lives in the untold numbers of lives she has touched along the way. We are blessed to have her as such an integral part of our community... our family.

Happy 90th Birthday Florence! May you live to 120.
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2009 - 23rd Anniversary Tribute Dance

At the beautiful clubhouse at Stonebrook, Davie

March 28, 2009
Chairperson: Anne Goldberg


Renew the vows of your life with TAO - The South Florida Center for Jewish Renewal as we celebrate our 23rd Anniversary!

Invite your family and friends to share in this sacred moment when Rabbi Marc officiates this special Renewal Celebration where you publicly renew your vows to...

  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your family
  • Living healthy
  • Wearing the garments of God
  • TAO
  • Whatever moves you

Then we'll party! Join us at the beautiful, luxurious clubhouse at Stonebrook in Davie.

  • Music & entertainment by professional DJ
  • Dancing
  • Games & Fun
  • Elegant coffee/tea bar and fabulous selection of finger foods and dessert

Raffle Item!
3 days/2 nights at the Islander Resort in Islamorada Key. Value $400 - $500. Valid until December 31, 2009 excluding holidays and special events (like Fantasy Fest).


Wow! That's all I have to say about TAO's Renewal Anniversary Dance last night.

From the glow of the more than 300 candles bathing the room to the utterly amazing tune spinning from DJ Nate Horowitz and his New Vibe teammates, this was one fantastic party.

The evening started off elegantly with hors d'oeuvres, music and friends greeting friends and soon-to-be-friends.

Then Rabbi Marc moved us from socializing to going within with ease and grace so that before we knew it, we were immersed in our personal experience of Godliness. With chupah above our heads, we were guided to commit to something or someone in a deep and meaningful way. Then Rabbi Marc brought the party to life with a celebratory hora.

And boy, did we dance! From that point, the evening belonged to New Vibe as they kept the music pumping and the party hopping. Without Nate Horowitz and New Vibe, our party would have been lovely. Instead, it was a sensation! I will tell anyone I know looking to book entertainment that you are the guys to call! You were all so friendly, kind, enormously talented and entertaining. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity and making our Renewal Celebration a resounding success.

Gail Rogers was the lucky raffle winner of the 3 day/2 night stay at the Islander Resort in Islamorada plus the great wine gift basket. Congratulations Gail!

Happy shoppers picked up some wonderful items at our silent auction and Lee Sacks sold several copies of his book, donating all the proceeds to TAO. Thank you, Lee. We appreciate all that you do for TAO.

And speaking of thanking people... there are a few special kudos to mention: First, a very special thank you to Dee Sacks for her tireless efforts in the office. Dee we love and appreciate you more than words can say!

This special evening would not have happened at all without the help of Robert and Dottie Zveibil in securing the Stonebrook Clubhouse as our venue. Dottie's generosity of spirit and energy was an incalculable ingredient in the success of the evening. And Lowell Gannon was amazing with set up, break down and everything in between. To the rest of the "team" whose hard work before and after made the evening what it was: Rochelle & Richard Horowitz, Karen Rosenfeld, Fran Davis, Arnie Welber, Renee Greene, Michael Fish, Penny Cheever (thanks for that emergency drink run, Penny!), Sandy King and Jacci Nieves for silent auction, Jenae Rubin, Anne Goldberg, Keith Kander and all those who donated food and/or money toward the delectables. THANK YOU ALL! YOU ROCK!

Arnie Steinberg, we love you too!

Gail Rogers Wrote...

Saturday night was wonderful. The setting was beautiful, the food interesting, Anne's efforts perfect as always, and Rabbi Marc inspirational as always! What more could we want!! Winning this weekend getaway just put frosting on a very special evening... which Steve and I hope to take advantage of in July, around my birthday.
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2008 - Tribute to Rabbi Marc's 40th

A gala honoring his dedication and love to TAO

Sunday, March 2, 2008
Laffing Matterz - 219 South Andrews, Ft. Lauderdale
Photos  •  Keepsake Directory  •  Ode to Rabbi Marc

Chairpeople: Penny Cheever and Sandy Goldman


The 40th Tribute to Rabbi Marc was fantastic! Rabbi Marc wants to thank Penny Cheever and Sandy Goldman for chairing this event... Karen Tina Sheskin and Joyce Finn for producing a wonderful auction... Jenae for the beautiful Keepsake Directory (you can view it by clicking the link above)... Dee Sacks, of course, for without her administrative help, well, we just don't know where we'd be! Our telephone committee: Annie Goldberg, Sue Gotlin, Bob Heaton, Sandy King, Rivka Maiden, Karen Rosenfeld, Rochelle Tischler and Elyn Zerfas, and Myrna Wolf for organizing this committee... and Renee Greene, our holy TAO Administrator, who also went above and beyond. What an amazing group we are when we pull together.

Not only did we salute our beloved Rabbi, we laughed and laughed and laughed... or should I say laffed! What a fabulous time we had. Thanks to everyone for participating and showing our Rabbi how much we love him.


Rabbi Marc Labowitz was born to be a Rabbi.

Like his namesake, Rabbi Mordechai Rabinovitch of Baltimore, Z'l, his grandfather Rabbi Herschel Leibowitz Z'L, and his parents Rabbis Shoni and Phillip Labowitz, he brings the deepest spirit of Judaism and Torah to his life and his community.

Rabbi Marc is married to Paulina and is the proud father of Galia Nechama and Ocean Ayden.

R' Marc brings his passionate expression of Judaism and his strong sense of social justice to the community. His deepest spiritual practice is to foster a world in which freedom, acceptance and love are the essence of all paths.

With his warmth and exuberance, he enhances the meaning in our lives with his personality, his depth of teaching and sharing, his love of Torah and Kabbalah. When he sings and composes music with Paulina, those melodies lead congregants in exploring their spirituality in a manner that brings balance to their lives and freedom to their spirits.

Rabbi Marc is passionate about life and Judaism. His warm and caring approach to life attracts people from all corners of the community. With the help from the Holy One, we know that he will bring the sweetness of Torah and Judaism to our world so in need of Tikkun Olam. May he continue to be a guiding light for TAO for at least another forty years.
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2007 - Rabbi Phil's 70th

A gala honoring his dedication and love to TAO

Sunday, January 21, 2007
Laffing Matterz - 219 South Andrews, Ft. Lauderdale
Keepsake Directory

Chairperson: Jenae Rubin

Join us as we celebrate Rabbi Phil's 70th birthday and honor him for his lifetime achievements.

Did you know. . .

  • Rabbi Phil has one of the longest tenure of Rabbinic Leadership in Broward County?
  • Rabbi Phil was instrumental as one of the founders of the David Posnack Hebrew Day School?
  • And he served on the Boards for Overseers of Broward Community College, Jewish Family Service and the Jewish Federation!

This tribute is a special opportunity to show our appreciation for TAO and one of the people integral to its existence and success.

In the past 24 years, TAO has grown to the largest Renewal temple in southeast of the United States and is now The South Florida Center for Jewish Renewal. Mark your calendar with this date to celebrate and honor Rabbi Phil and the temple that helps bring joy into your life.

Join us January 21 at 4:15 pm when we honor this worthy man who we are blessed to have as one of our spiritual leaders. This celebration is at Laffing Matterz where we will enjoy seriously delicious food, a tribute, and a hilarious satire. Tickets start at $100 per person and include advertising so you can express your tribute to Rabbi Phil.

This tribute is a special opportunity to show our appreciation for TAO and one of the people integral to its existence and success.
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2006 - Give Peace a Chance

Tribute Honoring: Dr. Florence Ross & Dr. Lisa J. Sirota-Weiner

January 28, 2006
Bahia Mar Resort, Ft. Lauderdale

Keepsake Directory   •  Photos
Heavenly Customer Service   •  Chanukah

Chairperson: Myrna Wolf

Dr. Florence Ross and Dr. Lisa J. Sirota-Weiner will be honored at TAO's Give Peace A Chance gala.

Dr. Ross spends her life promoting peace. At 80, she received her doctorate in International Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution, and is Founder and Director of Peace Making Elders at Nova Southeastern University.

She applies her education to the development of a friendlier, more harmonious local and global world.

Florence's lifelong passion is to build bridges between all people in an atmosphere where peace, moral and spiritual ideas develop.

Dr. Lisa J. Sirota-Weiner is a pediatrician, Chief of Staff at Plantation General Hospital, volunteer Medical Director for Jewish Adoption & Foster Care Options, author of Miraculous Living calendar series (in its seventh year), and mentor in Pediatric Medicine for Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Sirota-Weiner also mentors girls at Life Enhancement for Adolescent Females (LEAF).

Both Dr. Ross and Dr. Sirota-Weiner are active members of JAM (Jews And Muslims & All), an organization of people from every religious and spiritual background whose goal is to promote peace through understanding. Both are also active members of Temple Adath Or, the host of this event.

These women promote peace at every turn. Your business wants to be associated with events of such high purpose.

With thanks and blessings...

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