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Saturday  Morning  Retreat

Saturday Morning Retreat

Shabbos Hour Retreat is a scared sanctuary of silent inner reflection and sacred presence. Give yourself this hour to be soothed and transformed, through quiet prayer, euphoric chanting, gentle (Renewal-style) yoga, and holy meditation, all in a tranquil, loving environment with your TAO community and friends.

This glorious hour, led By Rabbi Marc, is fabulous for your physical and mental health.


• January 30, 2010
• March 13, 2010
• April 10, 2010
• June 12, 2010


At the home of Rabbi Marc and Paulina. One Saturday every other month. This is a members only event. Note: There is no Oneg.

Myrna's Musings...

"I am filled with joy and fulfillment after last Saturday's yoga/meditation/chanting Shabbos Hour Retreat at the Rabbi's home. It set the tone for my entire week. I feel so lucky to be part of this incredible community.

"I used to think Friday night TAO services were the most precious place to touch God. The love and energy swirled and then rested and then gathered momentum and then quieted again and my soul connected.

"Then I found Saturday mornings at our private sanctuary in Davie. The music and the intimacy and the soulfulness touched me deeply, and I knew this was the most precious place for me to touch God in the presence of my beloved community.

"Then I returned to our sanctuary for a gentle yoga/meditation/chanting morning, and I truly knew that this was my most precious place and time to open my heart to my God. My eyes filled with tears of joy and my soul filled with the love and fulfillment that sacred silence in the presence of loved ones can bring.

"I find the connection in many places, the mountains in the early morning, walking with a loved one on the beach, the silence of the in-between places of my life. How grateful I am to be able to share this incredibly loving God space. And I am so grateful that I know it. Really know it."

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