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Progressive  Dinner  &  Havdallah

Progressive Dinner 2011 - Only 16 seats left!

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Wait a Minute! What's a Progressive Dinner?
At this fun, fun evening, we meet at 6:30 p.m. for appetizers at Dottie & Robert Zveibil's home. Then, we progress to another home for dinner. Homes are assigned randomly (couples will not be separated... unless you want to be!!!) You will receive the name, address and directions of your host dinner home before you leave the Zveibil's Appetizer home.

This is an amazing opportunity to spend intimate, quality time with your TAO family and enhance your life through new friendships you will form. You'll love this evening.

After about an hour at your dinner host's home, we progress to the Rabbi's for song, dessert and Havdallah where we'll be one big group again, enjoying prayer, food and great company!

You don't have to bring anything except a bottle of wine to your host's home if you choose; it's not required. NOTE: 100% vegetarian (no fish) option is available for all in party. Simply check the Vegetarian option on the online registration form.

Invitation - Feb 12, 2011
Appetizers: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Stonebrook Estates • Directions

$45 (members) • $49 (non-members)
Register Now

Registration is limited to the number of available homes. Register now. Guarantee your spot. Register Now. Call the office (954-888-1408) to host in your Davie or Plantation home. Admission is waived for host homes.

Can't attend?

Do a mitzvah and pay for someone who would otherwise be unable to participate. Just indicate "Mitzvah" instead of your name when you register.

Last year's Progressive Dinner was called one of the best events in TAO's history. Attendees said the admission was worth the appetizers alone!

Would you like to host a home?
If you live in the Davie/Cooper City/Weston/ Plantation area and would like to be a host home for dinner for 8-12 guests (parve, casual dinner for one hour), please contact the office at 954-888-1408.

Want to do more?
Become a sponsor! Appetizer Sponsorship is only $250, and you receive acknowledgment in newsletter, online, at Services by Rabbi, at event, and our appreciation. Register Now to Sponsor. Thank you.

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Bring your friends!

Progressive Dinner 2010

"I've told so many people what a wonderful event TAO put forth with love, fun and elegance. Kudos to all who made it possible. I loved hosting and meeting new people and spending one on one time with them.

I feel joyous to be part of such a wonderful community."

Rochelle & Charles

"I am so touched by who we are and what we do. I cannot imagine who I would be were it not for our amazing Rabbis and friends I know from TAO. What does this have to do with this event? Everything! I knew I'd have a good time. I knew I'd have fun. I didn't realize how much it would impact me. Our energy is out of this world. I wish I could wave a wand and more people could see the love we enjoy and share, which was evident in every layer of this magnificent event.

Hearts and souls were poured into this, and the result was a top life experience. When I walked into the Rabbi's home after our main course, and I heard everyone singing, no, raising the roof, I was overwhelmed with joy.

I love us! And I thank you Jacci and everyone involved, and who attended, for creating this sensa- tional gathering."

Jenae Rubin

"It was an exceptional evening. We had a great time as hosts and as guests. Thanks to everyone that was involved."

Jacob & Rena
  TAO's first Progressive Dinner was an over-the-top, perfect success, it's hard to tell what is the best event we put on!

We started the evening at Renee Greene and Michael Fish's party house! Chairperson Jacci King with help from Joy Lasky, Nancy Mendelson, Sandy's daughter Sarah King, and Myrna Wolf created about a dozen delectable appetizers of the quality normally at exclusive events for South Florida's finest. Of course Renee being Renee, prepared even more appetizers including homemade knishes that she just whipped up in minutes as if there were nothing to it! Everyone wants that recipe! Two buffet areas were set up on gorgeous platters in a beautiful home. Accolades abounded that the evening was worth more than the admission just for the appetizers, and the first third of the evening had just begun! Eddie Horowitz, our High Holy Days violinist, added an unexpected element of sophistication and charm by serenading us with all kinds of fun, uplifting music -- on his violin (he's so good!) that many of us sang out loud to. What a wonderful accompaniment to the evening.

After an hour of socializing and sampling heavenly and healthy hors d'oeuvres, attendees received an envelope with the name, address and directions of the home they progressed to for their main course. Setting magnificent tables, preparing sumptuous meals, entertaining our guests in a first class style, and making everyone feel at home were Jacci & Sandy King, Rena & Jacob Marvin, Jenae Rubin, Rochelle & Charles Tischler, Myrna Wolf & Nancy Mendelson, Dottie & Robert Zveibil. In addition to the delight to our palate, this forum gave us a chance to spend quality time and really get to know each other. What a satisfying experience. But wait... There's more!!

We left our host homes and progressed to the Rabbi Marc & Paulina's home for dessert (generously sponsored by Sandy King) and Havdallah. Upon entering, some of us were greeted with music by Eddie Horowitz and Bob Heaton who were R O C K I N G the house. We belted out tunes from the 70s and 80s relishing in ourselves, each other and the joy of the evening. Really, who thought temple could be this much fun! We're SO lucky!! Then Rabbi Marc led a beautiful, meaningful Havdallah.

At the end of the evening, everyone felt physically, mentally and spiritually uplifted and enriched for having joined in this truly, truly amazingly special evening.

Bob Heaton won the raffle (Moet champagne, Godiva chocolates, vintage crystal wine glasses, foot detox for two and candles) that we're certain his beautiful wife Fleur will find a consolation since she was unable to attend. Anne Goldberg was quoted as saying "Everyone's buying raffle tickets." to which we owe her thanks for the fabulous sales job she did. Thanks to Jacci for sponsoring the raffle.

Other thanks
Michael Fish... this could not have happened without your behind-the-scenes "Yes I will do that" attitude and assistance. You are always there for us, and we are so appreciative. Dee Sacks and Sue Gotlin were invaluable in the kitchen helping set up this enormous venture. And Jacci King said, "Jenae... real simple... thank you." It's easier than listing everything she participated in! Anne Goldberg also helped tie up loose ends and "stuff" on the inside that needed to happen to make this event a reality... also too long a list to itemize!

Eddie Horowitz, a super fun, super happy, super guy, thanks for spending the evening with and entertaining us with your strings and voice.

From Jacci to her husband, "Sandy... I love you!!!" From the rest of us, Sandy, thank you for shopping, schlepping and sponsoring desserts. And last, but certainly not least, in the words of President Anne Goldberg, "Jacci, our sweet friend, you did a superb job of catering and organizing. From planning to execution, it was flawless. You must have a magic wand, because you took mostly simple ingredients and created a spectacular array of delicacies. The display was breathtaking, and the food totally delicious. The only trouble is that now that we know how totally awesome you are, we just have to ask you do it again... and again!!! :-)"

Watch the Movie!
If you didn't attend, by now, you wish you had! Either way, check out this short video Elyn Zerfas had the foresight to take and upload to YouTube.

Closing Thoughts
As Renee Greene wrote in a summary email to the committee, "This event provided an opportunity for TAO members to get to know each other better on a more intimate level and then come together to have fun as a group. Rabbi Marc and Paulina: You are the backbones of our community. It is so wonderful how you always open your homes to the TAO community... Your home, hospitality and Havdallah service were a perfect ending to well-orchestrated evening. Rabbi Marc, thanks for being a great sounding board and for encouraging new and different programs that always keep the soulful intention that TAO holds dear. Thanks for being the spiritual leader to our entire community that you are and for being there for all of us."

Annie's closing statement in an email to the committee says what we all feel, "Let's face it. We rock. I love you all than you can know."

After June 11, admission increases to $42, so Register Closed!

If you have other questions, call Chairperson Jacci King at (954) 818-6546.



Appetizer Sponsorship

Value $165       $250
• Bottle of Moet Champagne 1 Chance - Only $8   • Acknowledgement in Newsletter
• Beautifully etched pair of vintage, crystal wine glasses 5 Chances - $18   • Acknowledgement Online
• Foot Detox for two 18 Chances - $36   • Acknowledgement at Services by Rabbi
• Candles       • Acknowledgement at Event
• Box of Godiva chocolates       • Our Appreciation

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