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Campfire Musings

Fran chimed in...

I went to bed smiling. I woke up smiling! I can't believe I found such a great group of people. Lots of hard work went into last night. Grateful thanks to Annie, Renee, Penny, and everyone who made it happen.

The food, by the way , was amazing. Kudos to the chefs!

Love all around,

Gail replied...

Actually, Penny, the Thank You goes to you! The evening was fabulous! I woke up with the warmth of so much "shnuggling" in my heart!! May we all continue to hold the energy and love that this wonderful TAO community engulfs us in.

Anyone ready for New Year's Eve?!!

Love to all,

From our
beloved Rabbi...

Dear Dottie and Robert,

I hope you receive the outpouring of gratitude as expressed Saturday night by your TAO community. Your generosity made a statement that will echo for some time to come. May you be blessed with more than the great measure of blessing you shared with your new friends and new family this week.

Much Love,
Rabbi Marc

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Stories & Photos: 2008  |  Nov. 2007  |  Mar. 2007  |  2004

November 2008 Inner Peace Campfire, Dinner & Auction

Chairperson: Penny Cheever

It was a fabulous night...
at the beautiful home of Robert & Dottie Zveibil, who lent us their home knowing they would be unable to attend. Thank you to the most generous host and hostess of the year.

63 people attended. We had a new vendor, David Zemach, an Israeli artist who has beautiful glass artwork. There were, our own TAO vendors: Iris Susser, Fleur Heaton, Fran Davis, Elyn Zerfas and Karen Tina Sheskin.

The night began with
Bob Heaton and Joyce Goobic playing music and a Havdallah lead by Rabbi Marc. It was followed by the best fish and vegetarian dinner ever catered anywhere on this planet. Chief cooks were Myrna Wolf, who prepared all of the fish, thank you, thank you, Renee Greene, Annie Goldberg & Sandy King who made most of the side dishes. So many others donated and brought food, I didn't get all names. More than one person asked me who catered to have their card for their own functions! Way to go TAO! And of course kitchen master Richard Kramer and his assistants did a phenomenal job.

Eating, singing, shopping and drumming continued through the evening. The silent auction featured 30 donated items. Each donor was so kind and generous. Many professional services were donated as well as art work, jewelry, books by our TAO authors, framed sports memorabilia, organic fruit baskets, and more! We had TAO siddurim, CDs, and Grab Bags (contents donated by Rabbi Phil, Gail Rogers, and Traditional Judaica from Festival Flea Market, Natalie and Terri Cheever). What a bargain at $5 each, some had gift cards worth up to $25, some had jewelry. Joyce Finn, who says I am not volunteering, only did all the prep work for the silent auction, preparing bid sheets and thirty certificates, we couldn't do it without you!

Then the program!
Judi Gulko lead us in a gratitude meditation. Followed by Gratitude Dancing indoors to Creole Music led by Cecile Dumornay and drumming outdoors lead by Debbie Kugelman! Thank you so much for guiding us in our gratitude expressions.

Richard Kramer, Tim Cohen, Richard Horowitz, Keith Kandor, Les Berger, Steve (Gail Rogers' guest), Sandy King, Carole Constad, Sandy Goldman, Trudie DeGrazia, Gail Rogers, Fern Cedola, Robin Wolfer, Dee Sacks and of course Renee Greene and Annie Goldberg schlepped, worked and cleaned until almost midnight. And I don't want to forget Aaron Cedola who had the difficult task of telling people they couldn't park in the driveway! What a great kid to take on that volunteer job. (We couldn't of paid someone to take that position!)

I have most likely forgotten three, four or more people who were essential. Please let me know if I left your name out! I am so grateful for all of you! And may inner peace be with our members and community, today and every day.

"Hinay Ma Tov." How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together!

Inner Peace and gratitude to all, love,

Thanks to these people for their generous Silent Auction donations...
Gerald Cowen - Living Will
Fran Davis/Fortune Studio Design - Sterling jewelry
Liora Goldfield - Giclee prints
Max Amichai Heppner - Holocaust books and movies
Fleur Heaton - Jewelry
Dr. Richard Hey - Life coaching sessions
Sandy Koi - Artwork
Sandy King - Fruit & veggie baskets, Accounting
Sam Lato - Holocaust autobiography
Donna Levine - Reiki session
Vicki Lichtman - Journey process
Ynge & Herb/Between Heaven & Earth - Therapy
Michael McConnell - Cranio Sacral therapy
Lee Sacks - Autographed novel
Karen Tina Sheskin - Fused glass jewelry
Robin Wolfer - Sports memorabilia
Caren Vivado - Rhodium necklace
Elyn Zerfas - Art

Rosh Chodesh Campfire & Sacred Auction... WOW!

November 2007
Chairperson: Anne Goldberg

TAO Nov 2007 Campfire: The South Florida Center for Jewish Renewal, Kabbalah, Spiritual, Meditation, Temple Adath Or, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton
The announcement...
The holidays and rituals of the past months have taken us down a path of looking in, letting go and surrendering; opening us to welcome the new into our lives. The energy of the new moon and this month of Cheshvan energetically support that personal transformation. It is a time to purify, open and, as the mystics and the natives know, to plant seeds of intent. What is it that you want to harvest in your life six months from now? Join Rabbi Marc and your TAO family for this sacred Rosh Chodesh/New Moon Campfire, and together we will light the fire of manifestation in our collective souls.

It was some enchanted evening
Some 80 people gathered at my home and basked in the light of a fabulous fire and the Kislev new moon. The flickering flames reflected the happy faces of those gathered around it as I talked of this magical month of Kislev and its call to let go of our logical, ego minds in order to make the space for dreams and miracles to happen.

We learned how the new moon in Scorpio is also a call to let go of that which no longer serves us, a beautiful synergistic messenger along with Kislev. Dr. Lisa enlightened us about the Judaic history of Kislev. Rabbi Marc wove his Kabbalistic magic and talked about dreams, then guided us through a fun activity he designed specifically for the evening in which we created our personal Dream Makers using paper plates, candles and the kavanah to enhance our own night time dreams.

But wait... there's more!
Not only did our minds feast on what we learned, we also ate, drank and created merriment throughout the evening. The bountiful buffet was a veritable cornucopia of food from baked ziti to vegetarian burgers and wraps to salads, sides and delectable deserts.

We also feasted on the many wonderful auction items. Our talented and generous membership donated items that ran the gamut from singing bowl sessions to jewelry, artwork, personal coaching and professional services.

We couldn't've done it without you...
There was a small and dedicated team responsible for creating this event.

Thank you Joyce Finn. You were a real angel! Your dedication, devotion and hard work resulted in a flawless evening enjoyed by all. Bob Offer did an awesome job building our fire. When he left, I became fire tender... with my work gloves, shovel and firewood. I felt very important as I stoked the flames!

Lucky for us, Jenae was able to organize her travel schedule so that she could be with us. Her valuable auction experience and dedication helped enormously, not to mention all the beverages and desert that she contributed. Thanks to Ann & Alan Kurtzman, Lee & Dee Sacks and Sandy King we had lots of wine and beer. Myrna made a fabulous salad and brought the burgers, Bob & Fleur provided the buns, condiments and ingredients for S'mores. And I cooked enough baked ziti, pasta with Alfredo sauce and eggplant for an army!

There were many more food donations by so many generous souls whose names I don't know. And a most sincere thank you to Mikki Ball for your Herculean clean-up help and all the other wonderful people who helped put away chairs, move furniture and throw out garbage.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who opened your heart and wallets to create such a great event.

Sweet peace
If long for more opportunities to be infused with the calm, sweet sense of peace and delight this evening offered, you will be happy to know Rhythm & Jews is around the corner, on December 9th. Our holy campfire offered an evening of bliss. Rhythm & Jews offers a WHOLE DAY! And the Spirit At Sea Cruise in May offers a WEEKEND!

So for those of you aspiring to vibrate higher and higher through the deep and authentic spiritual connection served by Rabbi Marc, sign up for Rhythm & Jews and make your reservation for the cruise NOW and be part of the magic of TAO.
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Havdallah Campfire Auction

March 2007
Chairperson: Jenae Rubin

TAO March 2007 Campfire: The South Florida Center for Jewish Renewal, Kabbalah, Spiritual, Meditation, Temple Adath Or, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton
What a fantastic success!
Our first announcement was just three weeks before this fantastic event which drew 80 people.

This event was very TAO. It was earthy, comfortable, loving, spirited and spiritual. Anne Goldberg's property is amazing and an awesome venue. Our newest member Sandy King and his son Jason worked hard for many hours to build the captivating stone fire pit that was the center of our Havdallah. Jason and Bob Offer get the credit for getting the fire lit and keeping it up so well despite the soggy conditions.

Once the fire to going, Bob Offer filled the air with the beautiful sounds of his flute as the sun set and evening took on its full glory of bright twinkling stars. Bob Heaton and Joyce Goobic's divine music set the tone for the beautiful service created by Rabbi Marc and Kabbalah Shaman-in-Training Will Molasky.

Food was donated by Sue and Ron Gotlin, Myrna Wolf and Anne Goldberg. Lee and Dee Sacks donated beer and wine.

The outpouring of auction donations...
was superb and heartfelt with donations coming to us with virtually no solicitation... and boy, did they pour in! In all, 34 items were snatched by excited buyers. Our gratitude goes to these generous auction donors...

Artists: Dora Fiser, Shelly Glass, Rabbi Shoni Labowitz, Liora, Elyn Zerfas.

Dinners: Bob & Fleur Heaton; Renee Greene & Michael Fish; Rabbis Shoni, Phil, Marc; Drs. Lisa & Doug Weiner

Health: Drs. Bradley & Robin Birns, Michael McConnell, Bob Singer, Dr. Marti Sinnreich

Jewelry: Dora Fiser, Anne Goldberg, Fleur Heaton, Dianne Lerner

Services: Sandy King, CPA

Spiritual: Jan Saks, Hindy Zeifman-Stegman

More thanks
This event would not be possible without the invaluable help setting up and cleaning up that was selflessly given by: Dee Sacks, Ed Sadik, Elyn Zerfas, Florence Ross, Jake & Robbie Goldberg, Jan Saks?(a friend of Anne), Jenae Rubin, Joyce Goobic, Lisa Taylor, Marti Sinnreich, Myrna Wolf and her dear friend and neighbor Annette, and Rivka Maidan.

A special thank you to Anne Goldberg of the paper goods, soft drinks, veggies and her home, to Myrna Wolf and Susan & Ron Gotlin for providing all the burgers, dogs, buns, slaws, condiments and much heart and soul to make this event such a success. Apologies to anyone we left out. It was a busy night! And a great fun(d)raiser for TAO.

Thank you all. Our hearts were filled this night. What a joyful experience.
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Photos from 2004 Havdallah

TAO 2004 Campfire: The South Florida Center for Jewish Renewal, Kabbalah, Spiritual, Meditation, Temple Adath Or, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton

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