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Share what's in your heart: Simchas, gratitude, love, appreciation, life events, joy. In this sacred space we give each other the gift of our words.

♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥

Dearest TAO family, friends and Rabbis, Many thanks for your prayers, calls, cards, emails, meals, flowers, plants, "babysitting" and visits during my surgery and recuperation. Your outpouring of concern and love was so overwhelming and showered me with bright light to help me recover more quickly. Both Michael and I thank each of you who took the time to care for me in the way you did. You make me feel so happy to continue to be a part of this beautiful TAO community.
♥♥ Heartfelt thanks and love, Renee ♥♥
Dear TAO family, I deeply appreciate and Thank You for gifting me on my birthday with a Leaf on our Tree Of Life. It is your love, support and friendship that adds to the Glow of Happiness I experience in our relationship. May we continue to add to each others Glow, and as our Rabbis have guided us to "Treasure Each Moment Each Day."
♥♥ With love, faith and friendship, Shirley Shelpman ♥♥
Thank you Rabbi Marc for your constant support, prayers and visits during this most trying time in Richard's life. We also thank those who drove Richard to his treatments, which gave me some time to work. A big thank you to the wonderful friends who prepared food for us when we returned from Mt. Sinai Hospital. Our sincere gratitude to: Myrna Wolf, Anne Goldberg, Keith Kander, Richard and Rochelle Horowitz, Nancy Menelson, Jenae Rubin, Alan Kurtzman, Phyllis Tess, Jacci and Sandy King, Helen Skinner, Arnie Katz, Rose Moussa, Joy Lasky, Carol and Les Himmel, Dottie and Robert Zveibel, Richard Grove, Michel Bitton, Janice Weintraub, Joan Rosenwasser, Gail Rogers and Steve. You made it a little easier to help us cope. A big thank you to our TAO community for your continuing support and healing prayers. This has made a difference in Richard's road to recovery.
♥♥ Again thank you all, Richard and Rhonda Hey ♥♥
We want to thank the Rabbi's for the enlightening High Holy Day Services. Much peace and love was felt by everyone. A big thank you also to Renee and Dee for their dedication in making the High Holy Day Services wonderful for the entire congregation.
♥♥ Love, Sandy and Jacci King ♥♥
With a heart full of gratitude, I send my thanks to Rabbis Phillip and Marc for their comforting calls, support, and visits while my father was going through a series of medical crises. The Labowitz Rabbis, including Shoni, have been dear friends and spiritual support for me and my family for over 18 years... chai! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
♥♥ Carole McConnell ♥♥
Dearest TAO Family, Thanks for your votes and kind words of support for our daughter Gilah Fish's participation in the Lowcountry Talent Competition. Your online voting got Gilah into the top ten! The finale aired on tv this week, and we are so proud Gilah made it into the top four, and then the judges voted her #1 - THE WINNER! She nailed both songs and even got a standing ovation! Thanks for being there for Michael and me and Gilah!!
♥♥ Love to all, Renee J Greene ♥♥
Dear Rabbis Shoni, Phillip and Marc, Thank you for enhancing our lives, increasing our joys, and embracing our children with your blessings.
♥♥ Lynn and Paul Leight ♥♥
To my TAO Family & Soul Sisters, Irwin and I thank you so much for all your good wishes, blessings, and beautiful expressions of love toward our marriage and continuing journey. You are all amazing and thoughtful, and
♥♥ We love you, Janice ♥♥
Thanks to everyone involved with Spa Day. The hard work and dedication to making this a great day was apparent from the moment we walked in the door. The setting was beautiful, the food delicious, and the classes and the professional staff superb. Thanks for making this a wonderfully relaxing day to remember. See everyone for the Third Annual Spa Day.
♥♥ Sandy & Jacci King ♥♥
Thank you to all who contributed to my Leaf on our Tree of Life! I feel honored and respected, which is good for 80 years, and my leaf is on the top branch!
♥♥ Love and Blessings to all, Kate GeMeiner ♥♥
Thanks for the outpouring of love at the Women of Distinction Luncheon last Sunday. My cup runneth over! What a warm, beautiful event! Thanks to my folks & hubbie & kids for celebrating my being honored. Thanks to family & friends who traveled from far & near to be with me & to all who sent voice messages & tribute ads. A special thanks to the Rabbis & my TAO family for bestowing this honor upon me and for all of your hard work. Thanks to our friends at Laffing Matterz. I love you and thank you all for celebrating me!
♥♥ Love, Renee ♥♥
Congratulations to Renee Greene, Lisa Lachs, Marcia Sweedler and Ethelind Wiener, and thank you for your presence and contributions to TAO and to myself. I love you all.
♥♥ Cecile Dumornay ♥♥
Sandy and I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes on our marriage. We love our community and are proud to be part of something so loving.
♥♥ Jacci & Sandy King ♥♥
I am very PROUD to share with you the exciting news that my granddaughter Samantha, a Junior at Cornell, is doing her spring semester (Jan. - May) as a Intern in the White House. She will be working in the Department of Economic Policy for the Vice President. Needless to say my son Bruce, Daughter-in-law Karen, and her siblings are very excited. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift to her and the family.
♥♥ Love to all, Ethelind Wiener ♥♥
A Tremendous Thank You Dee and Renee for all your efforts in making the High Holy Days such a smooth success.
♥♥ A Grateful Member ♥♥
A very big THANK YOU to my dear friend, Father Michel for your outstanding help in my move to Hallandale. Once again, a blessing from the generous abundance of love from TAO.
♥♥ Carole Constad ♥♥
Thank you so much for your love and caring following my skiing accident. Yesterday my doctor told me I do not need surgery. Please continue to keep me in your prayers for a full and speedy recovery. Thank you so much. You bring so much meaning and depth to my life.
♥♥ Love, Jenae ♥♥
ReUse A Shoe. 2,500 - 75,000 pair of shoes can build a field or playground. Nike created nearly 300. This environmentally conscious way of recycling brings pleasure to all who use the fields. Get involved! Ask family, friends and neighbors to participate. Bring all brands of athletic shoes (cut off all metal like shoe lace holes) to Monday night Wisdom Class, Friday Services or or drop off at my house. I will collect through February 12 (2009).
♥♥ Dottie Zveibil ♥♥
I finally created my personal website. I bought, so I could have one email address for the rest of my life ( Now when I change internet service providers, I don't have to repeatedly notify everyone of a new email. But I digress! Check out my new website. It's not finished (it may never be!), but there's a bunch on it... including one of the songs Voices in Harmony, the chorus I belong to in Michigan, sang in a recent performance.
♥♥ Love you all... Jenae ♥♥
Ten months ago, I asked everyone I knew for support. I received much financial support about half from TAO donors), a place to live (by a TAO member), career assistance from a long time TAO member), considerable moral support (mostly from TAO), and a lot of support from the Universe via hard work and understanding of the Laws of Attraction (the message behind most TAO Torah teachings. I am proud to say that today I am pretty close to out of the woods. The most significant help came from TAO members. Thank you.
♥♥ Bob Offer ♥♥
A heart felt thank you to Annie and Keith for incredible hospitality they showed us in making News Years Eve something to be remembered for years to come. What an incredible way to start off the year! Thank you so much Annie and Keith!
♥♥ Love you! Fran ♥♥
With all my heart and being, THANK YOU, my TAO family, for your thoughts and prayers for my sister Lynn and her untimely passing, my family and myself. Your love and positive energies are felt and appreciated. May 2009 bring peace, health and joy and may you continue to deepen your loving relationship with YHWH, the giver of all life!
♥♥ Love & prayers always, Fr. Michel ♥♥
Bless you all this Holiday season. Even when were are not always so sure, we are being blessed by each other.
♥♥ Bob Offer ♥♥
A lot of people asked to see photos of my Michigan home. Click here to see a video I made! Jeff and I had a fabulous Halloween party. Click here to view the Halloween video.
Thanks for caring. I love sharing.
♥♥ Jenae ♥♥
Love & Hugs to Anonymous for remembering my Birthday.
♥♥ Love, Sandy Goldman ♥♥
Thank you Rabbi Marc for your support at the unveiling of my parents' grave as our small family gathered in South Florida. We celebrated their life, and you were gifted in helping weave our emotions to be present for that blessing. I wish your Havura a sweet and healthy New Year.
♥♥ David Weitz ♥♥
I am moved and humbled by the outpouring of love and support from my loving TAO family. My mother, of blessed memory, was laid to rest next to my father in Waterloo, Iowa on September 2. Rabbi Marc officiated, for which my family and I are eternally grateful. All who wish may join our family on Sunday at her Florida memorial service.
♥♥ With love, Rivka Maidan ♥♥
Thank you TAO friends and loved ones for the outpouring of love and support on the recent untimely loss of my brother Steven. This is a very difficult time in our lives for our entire family. Knowing that you are all there provides us with great comfort. Thank you for caring.
♥♥ With love, Renee Greene & Family ♥♥
How fortunate are we all to enjoy this magnificent TAO community? I was without an apartment to stay in for my six months with my transatlantic family. The young couple, where I hoped to stay again, lost their place. Within two minutes of my calling the Temple, the wonderful, caring, huge-hearted Jenae offered me her home. I want everyone to know what a blessed soul she is, and I love and thank her.
♥♥ With all my heart, Carole Constad ♥♥
Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me celebrate my auspicious birthday and participating in placing a gold leaf on our Eitz Chaim. I feel so loved and accepted by you and your enthusiasm is appreciated so very much. We all hold each other as loving examples of what community can be and are living proof that love makes our world go round.
♥♥ B'Shalom to all of you, Myrna ♥♥
I am so grateful for the loving energy sent to my mother Raye Zeifman. Her surgery was a success and she is recovering beautifully.
♥♥ Love and Blessing, Hindy Zeifman-Stegman ♥♥
Dear TAO Community, your tender expressions of love and sympathy on the loss of my
sister-in-law, Elda Himelblau, have helped lift my sorrow and heal my heart.
♥♥ Love and gratitude, Shirley Shelpman ♥♥
I am grateful for my safe return from a marvelous and fantastic trip to India with Joan Borysenko. I feel blessed and humbled for this enriching and rewarding adventure.
♥♥ Joan Rosenwasser ♥♥
Chadd, the non-profit international organization for children and adults, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Washington, D.C. on November 6th through the 10th. As the Co-founder of this organization, I am feeling much joy and gratitude for helping to serve the needs of individuals dealing with this issue. I am blessed to be honored as the co-founder at this time.
♥♥ Carol Lerner ♥♥
Thank you Phyllis Cohen and Shirley Shelpman for your continued love, support, chicken soup and matzo balls during recovery from my surgery. "Our deepest fear is not that we're inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You're playing small doesn't serve the world." Quoted from Marianne Williamson
♥♥ Carole Constad ♥♥
Rabbi Marc, Heartfelt condolences on the recent passing of your dear friend. Now she can meet your son and help guide his sacred journey from heaven to yours and Paulina's loving arms.
♥♥ Rivka ♥♥
What an honor to belong to such an inclusive, loving, supportive family. We created circles of love and safety that can't be found anywhere on this planet. In times of celebration and sorrow, we embrace and encourage each other in a way that permits life to continue in harmony and balance. The love you showered on me this past Shabbat was the perfect antidote to the sadness and anxiety that accompanies any parent who has a child in the military and is in harm's way. To you who held me, or cried with me or just let your energy encompass me, I am grateful. This is what community is all about, and these rituals and experiences are the best of what Jewish Renewal offers our souls.
♥♥ Myrna Wolf ♥♥
Rabbi Marc, Thank you for being here and for inspiring and guiding me through life with such compassion and wisdom. I feel privileged to be a part of this congregation
that glows from the light of your holy, sweet love.
♥♥ Anne Goldberg ♥♥
To my dear girlfriends - you know who you are - I adore you. From my heart to yours, you are such a gift to me. Thank you for the best birthday ever. And to think, I would never have
known you if not for this amazing community of TAO.
♥♥ Anne Goldberg ♥♥
Thank you to my daughter's wonderful friends at shul. Your encouragement helped us both so much during the months I was ill. I feel like you are my friends now too,
and I look forward to being with you soon.
♥♥ Sonia Maidan, Rivka's mom ♥♥
Many thanks to Rabbi Marc and my TAO family for your unwavering support during my Mom's illness and slow (but miraculous) recovery. Thank you for the love and prayers and for being part of that miracle. I am deeply moved and grateful.
♥♥ Rivka Maidan ♥♥
Every day my life is filled with deeper friendships and meaning. These connections and love come to me through TAO, and every day, I am so very grateful.
♥♥ Jenae ♥♥
Happy Birthday Anne! What an amazing celebration. I am privileged to call you my friend.
And it's thanks to TAO.
♥♥ Jenae ♥♥

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